Hi, I’m Krystal.

I help authors and aspiring narrators create audiobooks.

Let’s get to know each other better.

 Creating audiobooks changed my life.

(And I’ll bet they can change yours too.)

Well, that sounds pretty dramatic, doesn’t it?

The truth is, my life looked a lot different a few years ago. There was a time when I thought I had it all figured out… Go to college. Go to law school. Get an EXCITING job at a fancy firm. Make LOADS of money. And live happily ever after.

I did all of those things (minus the happily ever after part) and then ended up right here with my own audiobook production and training business dedicated to helping authors and aspiring narrators learn the art of audiobook narration.

If you’re curious how I got here, you can scroll down the page a bit and read my story.

What can I do for you?

For Aspiring Voice Actors

If you would like to start working as a narrator I can help you learn the art of audiobook production and show you how to build your own (part-time or full-time) audiobook recording, editing, or full production business.


A great place to start is with my free Audiobook Course and 5-Day Audiobook Audition Challenge. If you’re ready to get serious about this and take your production skills (and earning capacity) to the next level, then my signature online training course, Audiobooks with Audacity, is your next stop.


For Authors

If you are looking to outsource your next audiobook production to a narrator, I provide a complete turn-key audiobook production service. You can listen to samples of my work here.

If you think I might have the right voice for your book, please email me at krystal@krystalwascher.com to request an audition and a quote.

If you would like to learn how to narrate and produce your own audiobook you can check out my “do-it-yourself” guided online training course – Audiobooks for Authors.

My Story

From Big Law to Professional Story Teller


Sometimes the path to happiness and success isn’t straight forward. In 2009, with a newly minted law license in hand, I set out to complete my carefully crafted life plan:

  • High paying associate job at a big prestigious firm, 
  • Swanky condo downtown, 
  • Designer wardrobe, 
  • Hot car, 
  • “Important” friends…


That was THE PLAN.


Reading those words today makes me cringe, mostly because I’ve learned that none of that STUFF is really important. But these are the things I fantasized about when I was a lower-middle class kid growing up on a farm in the Midwest.

I eventually got the job, and the clothes, and the downtown apartment… but I was miserable.

Weren’t all of these things supposed to make me happy?

I was one of THOSE people. You know, the ones who would sacrifice EVERYTHING else just to keep up appearances.

Then, a few days before my 30th birthday life changed pretty dramatically.

I got a call I NEVER expected to get.


Up until THAT day, I thought I was invincible. I thought I’d live forever, or at least another 50-some years.

But THAT day when I heard the words, “You. Have. Cancer” everything changed…




Suddenly, I didn’t care about designer shoes or climbing the ladder at a job that left me unfilled and exhausted.

In that moment, what mattered was making the most of whatever time I had. I didn’t know what I was going to do, but I knew things needed to change.

Everyone talks about “finding their passion” as if it is the “end-all, be-all” to supreme happiness.

But I think that’s bad advice.

We put way too much pressure on ourselves to find THE ONE THING that we are going to do for the rest of our lives.

I chose not to do that.

I started looking around until I found something I liked. Then I tried it. If I didn’t like it anymore after a few weeks, I moved on.

That’s how I stumbled upon audiobooks.

While I was searching for answers to my own health crisis and the existential turmoil I was facing, I found listening to audiobooks to be a great source of information, comfort, and entertainment. At some point I think I made the joke that, “I spend so much on audiobooks that I should buy stock in Audible.”

At some point later while thinking in the shower (the place where all great ideas are born) I thought —


“Wouldn’t it be cool if I could get paid to narrate some of these books?” 

I started researching how it all worked. At first, I thought I’d need an agent or special training. But to my surprise, all I REALLY needed was a microphone and a computer.


After dabbling in audiobooks as a side gig for months, I had the opportunity to meet Lewis Howes, the host the School of Greatness podcast, while he was on his latest book tour.

I told him what I was up to and the conversation inspired me to seriously consider turning audiobook production into a “real” business.

I struggled with the idea for several more months.

Would I really be able to pull this off?

It was a big leap. I would mean giving up a job and a title that I had worked for decades to achieve.

There would be no going back. But I knew it was the right move.


Here’s a video I recorded the day I decided to quit my “big law firm” job.

I was so nervous.

That morning I didn’t know if I would actually have the guts to quit or not. I had been trying to muster up the courage for weeks…



Today, I’m a full time freelance audiobook narrator which means that I get to hangout with this goofball all day —


I also run several online communities aimed at helping others create audiobooks.  You can find my main audiobook narration community here. And my international audiobook creator group here (for those of you who don’t have access to ACX.)

I also offer my signature course, Audiobooks with Audacity, several times a year for those who want to get up to speed and start making an income with audiobooks quickly.

Click here to see my official bio.