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Whether you’re an author, publisher, or an aspiring narrator, I can help you create and sell your next audiobook.


Why Audiobooks?

Audiobooks are the fastest growing form of digital media in the world right now. Out of the more than 4.6 million ebooks available in the Amazon Kindle store, only 4% of those titles have audiobook version available.

# of Ebooks on Amazon

# of Audiobooks on Audible


% of eBooks with Audiobook Versions


% of Books With No Audiobook Available

Audiobooks Are In Demand

Last year audiobook sales totaled more than $1.77 billion and audiobook downloads increased by 38.1%.


Audiobook downloads are on the rise.

* Source: Association of American Publishers (APP)

What Does This Mean for You?

For Narrators

Unlimited Opportunity

Narrators are in high demand as many authors around the world are trying to get their books turned into audiobooks. The ability to record, edit, and produce audiobooks is a valued skill right now.

Work From Home

Many freelance narrators now work from their own home studios. Getting set up is easier and more affordable than ever before!

Earn Active & Passive Income

Grow a sustainable business through both flat rate book deals and royalty share with the author or publisher.

Work When You Want & Grow Your Business

As a freelance narrator, you can choose to take on as many or as few audiobook projects as you want. Whether you’re looking to increase your income each month, or replace it, learning how to produce audiobooks is a great way to start gaining financial independence.

For Authors

Increased Book Sales

Some authors are now earning more from audiobook sales than ebook and paperback sales combined. Check out Pat Flynn’s income reports for a good example of what’s possible.

Reach New Audiences

The audiobook market is growing at a rapid pace. If your book isn’t on Audible yet, that means that you are missing out on a large percentage of potential readers and listeners.

Stand Out in a Crowded Market

There are millions of books on Amazon today, but less than 200k audiobooks on Audible. If someone is searching for a book in your niche or genre, they are much more likely to find your book on Audible.com than on Amazon.

Grow Your List

Offering an audiobook download to your readers in exchange for their email is a great way to grow your email marketing list.

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